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The Life We Didn't Live

The words we should have said
The feelings we hid
The thoughts we should have shared
The hands we should have stretchedThe courage we should have had
The fight we should have put
The peace we should have made
The steps we didn’t takeThe cities we should have seen
The places we should have gone
The memories we should have shared
The pain we didn’t share
The laughter we should have shared.To be continued...
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Those Eyes!

Those eyes fixed at me like two-edged sword Piercing into my soul;  searching for my heart But not asking for it. 
Those eyes dries me sore  my stomach begins to rumble  I stutter;   my words tumble out in staccato  coherent thoughts morph into incoherent sounds Stumbling over every word as I still the butterflies flittering around in my stomach
Those eyes intense Leaving me to wonder Wandering in the land of Fantasy.
Those eyes tells time to hold still eyes doe like;

Dancing in the Rain!

Though the Sky be Overcast
Hearing the pitter patter of raindrops
My heart starts to Gurgle ;Giddy Giddy
Inhaling the Bloom of the Wind
All things coming Alive!
Palm trees wavering
Like there are celebrating life
Like there are Dancing to my Rhythm
Tap Tap

I could feel the Rhythm underneath my skin
Tilting my head in Melodious bustles
Frolicking in the Rain

No Pressure
No Weight
Just Twirling to the Rhythm;
Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho?!
Just Dancing in the Rain!

Dead Lions Dont Roar.

His voice, all that he stood for, now Hushed.
An Icon of Evil; he was

He prides himself a Tyrant.
Clans Sundered by His Rulings.

He delights at their Soulful Cries
A Crusher of Hope; he was.
An Executor; he was.

He was the Roaring Storm that Stilled not.

The inflictor of all Pain; he was.

None was Free from his Bonds. 

The Blood of the Innocents Stirred the Earth

She was awakened by their Eulogies,

So she Wrapped him in her claws,bound him in her Claws.                                                                                                        

All we hear now are Tales.

Dead Lions Don't Roar. 


Beneath The Water.

In the midst of a roaring storm I find my feet I find my feet in the promises of old I find my feet in the now promises I find my feet in the promises of what to come I leap for joy for what is to become
I rejoice as the becoming unravels I recognize the obstacles But see the Victory ahead I embrace the fiery darts By my shield of Faith Breastplate of righteousness I wear me the Helmet of Salvation I Strike with the Sword of the Spirit.
I keep my heart sprinkled from an evil conscience My body washed with pure water I draw near with a true heart Beholding the Glory I look at the Sun and do not see the Shadows.
I see what I’m to become Cause to become the becoming  I must place my feet
On the rock beneath the water.

For He is Faithful that Promised!  DammyInspire..
PhotoCredit: ShutterStock

R2W Expo : Attend the R2W Fashion Expo themed the ‘New Frontier’.

The New Frontier Journey.

As Fashion Designers and stakeholders in the fashion industry, we have decided to come together and face the challenges bedeviling the industry and demonstrate that production of high quality and affordable ready-to-wear in Nigeria is possible.

The first phase of the journey is to put together collections of our works and unveil to Nigerians at an exhibition, that Nigerian Designers can truly produce high quality and affordable ready-to-wear garments.
The second phase of the journey is to begin to train ourselves in capacity development both in technical and production capacity. This we intend to achieve by introducing technology into our production to boost our capacity. The ultimate aim of this is to turn Nigeria into a ready-to-wear production hub in Africa in the next two years.

The Exhibition.

The exhibition is a three day event taking place in Lagos.
Theme: The New Frontiers
Date: Friday, 23rd to Sunday, 25th of March, 2018
Venue: 10 degrees events Centre o…