The Life We Didn't Live

The words we should have said
The feelings we hid
The thoughts we should have shared
The hands we should have stretchedThe courage we should have had
The fight we should have put
The peace we should have made
The steps we didn’t takeThe cities we should have seen
The places we should have gone
The memories we should have shared
The pain we didn’t share
The laughter we should have shared.To be continued...

Ruckus Network - Better Network Solutions creates Better Experiences

Delivering an excellent WI fi experience has become a daily utility for organizations that offers internet services, as the demand for more positive experiences by users is increasing daily.
This was the focus of a technology interactive session by experts from Ruckus Networks for ISPs and organizations hosted by Dizengoff Nigeria in Lagos at the Bottles Bar & Grill, Victoria Island on the 12th of April.
According to the General Manager, Technology & Innovation, Dizengoff Nigeria  Mr Guy Rabinovich said; ‘’Nigeria is a rapidly growing market with very huge potentials, with increasing internet penetration in the economy and expansion in users of mobile devices connecting to Wi Fi, organizations and ISPs are under pressure more than ever before to invest in technologies that are able to deliver more positive experiences.’’
‘’However, choosing the most suitable Wi Fi technologies to deploy in different environments require organizations to be able to identify the right technolog…

The Tomb is Empty!!

Dark day’s lays await As the night dawdles Restless like a dog forestalling a stranger Darkness hangs the cloud as it awaits dawn

Dawn of despair As we await the words of our forerunners Inscribed in tablets and testaments Of the man of sorrow

Rejected by his own people Surrounded by a pack of villains Wailing for his crucifixion Led to his death like a lamb to his slaughter Hands, legs pierced on a tree with rogues

A righteous servant he was Burdened with the iniquity of all Cut at each sides For the offence of all Derided by his enemies as His precious blood Strummed down from his crown With heavy drops of water Yet no bone was broken

In his affliction not even He could save himself Just at the sixth hour darkness fell As the man of sorrow laid his life as a guilt offering As engraved in tablets and testament His body was laid with the wealthy Shielded by men of war His tomb enclosed with prime rolling stone

All hope seemed lost As his friends were dispersed abroad like s…

Life As it Is!

Once life brings you to your knees Retell yourself of your birthright Your descent Who your descendants are Your father's father Your mother's mother
Retell yourself of the class you originate from Tell yourself of whose you are Those words whispered to you as an infant Retell yourself of the songs you sang as a child  Retell yourself of the enemies you defeated as a man Tell again of how you conquered 
Yes life brings you to your knees Respond swiftly Embrace the call Move ahead Soar higher.
Write your script Live your life On your terms Create your world And all that is in it
Let your life be a Message A Tale of Love Song of Victory Resilience Faith Light Life
Let your life bring Life To Her very own knees!

An Imperfect World

In an imperfect world Torn apart by two margins Dotted lines of right and wrong Who runs the show? The tussle between right and wrong
The mind, the dumping ground The mind, the tool of expression The heart, the stable of thoughts The calves of the lips, the instrument of thoughts
In an imperfect world The middle ground is extinct The soil, moist by thoughts Of light and darkness Of justice and injustice Of strength and weakness Of love and hatred Of joy and sadness Of peace and torment Of faith and fear
In an imperfect world Of trees and forest Of which tree would you eat from? Of what fruit are you? Of what soil did you spring from? Of what roots were you made Of what fruit would you produce?
In an imperfect world There are two sides to a coin Two sides to a story Two sides to a theory Two sides to live
In an imperfect world There are two realms of life From which realm do you see? From which realm would you speak? From which realm do you live?
In this imperfect world There are two lives to live Life of a Hero Life o…

Man’s Love is Fickle

Photo Credit: Google/istock
A woman loves a man; she calls him ‘’ Her Heartbeat’’! A man loves a woman; he calls her ‘’Baby’’! She says to him Baby? Is that all I’m to you? He says certainly not; you mean much more to me, you are the most important person in my Life right now. Huh! Really, so am I more important than your mother? Huh! Erm, Erm, but baby why the comparison na? I just want to know how much you love me.
Babe I profess my love to you every day, isn’t that enough? Words are not enough my dear, I wish your love can be measured in percentage; I want to be able to quantify your love for me! Huh You say you love me, and buy me gifts, but I worth much more You say you love me, by your words, but your words are not enough.
Ha! How much more can a man love a woman? I respect you, treat you right, and buy you gifts. It shows how much I love you.
Darling, I love you I call you ‘’ my heartbeat’’, you see, to say you love me…

Have You Numbered 2019 Yet?

There is a scriptural saying that says ‘’Teach us to number our days’’. I have come to realize that the year does not really bring anything special for us; we are the ones to bring out something from the year. It’s our responsibility to ensure that we achieve all that we want to achieve this year.
Over the years, even till date many people gets overly excited early in the New Year, people talk about their New Year resolutions, their New Year goals, and aspirations, their plans etc. But as the year goes on their zeal and passion dims and they end up not achieving as much as they had planned in the beginning of the year. Now the problem is not the lack of ideas or physical strength, a lot of our youths are very innovative, intelligent, industrious, smart and highly energetic, so why don’t we achieve much?
Recently I had a conversation with a youth, she told me and I quote’’ people of my generation think they have enough time, we are young, that’s why we can lounge a lot, we can date s…

Those Eyes!

Those eyes fixed at me like two-edged sword Piercing into my soul;  searching for my heart But not asking for it. 
Those eyes dries me sore  my stomach begins to rumble  I stutter;   my words tumble out in staccato  coherent thoughts morph into incoherent sounds Stumbling over every word as I still the butterflies flittering around in my stomach
Those eyes intense Leaving me to wonder Wandering in the land of Fantasy.
Those eyes tells time to hold still eyes doe like;